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How'd they do it?

"Humans’ capacity to compartmentalise inhumanity is a consistent phenomenon in human history. That is why it is so important to be so vigilant and stand against any and all dehumanising discourses. You are not inherently better than anyone. Maintaining your decency isn’t simply a product of good genes or good parents, it’s a product of regular effort. It is, in times of crisis, a truly difficult thing to maintain."

Neil deGrasse Tyson: America Will 'Sink Lower' Before Congress Acts On Climate Change

"So I think maybe we have to sink lower before the pistons of Congress and the electorate align to take meaningful action, to protect the planet going forward,"

NdGT gets it.

Ukrainians, Awaiting International Action After Crash, Fear Complacency -

“‘Actually it looks like they will not impose any strict sanctions,’ said Svitlana Khutka, an associate professor of sociology at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Kiev. ‘Why? Because they say they are very concerned, deeply concerned, very, very concerned, very much concerned, so very deeply concerned,’ Ms. Khutka said in an interview. ‘You just don’t believe that they are concerned, because it is quite evident that they have their own interests.’

'We see something here like this realpolitik,' she said, 'which actually just demonstrates that Ukraine somehow has to defend itself by itself.'”

What it takes to flee

"Now, as a mother myself, I simply cannot imagine being in a situation so desperate that compels a parent to send a child on a perilous trek to a different country, all alone, with only the hope of a better chance to live.

But having heard stories from my Oxfam colleagues working in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador who have witnessed not only the negative impacts of extreme poverty, but also the horrifying impacts of the violence perpetrated by armed groups, gangs, traffickers, and some government officials in these countries, I can begin to understand why some of these parents are making that heart-wrenching choice.”

Can we try being human for a while and see how that goes?

In 1980 there was no Internet or cell phone network, most people did not travel by air, most of the advanced medical technologies in common use today did not yet exist, and only a minority attended college. In the areas of communication, transportation, health, and education, the changes have been profound. These changes have also had a powerful impact on the structure of employment: when output per head increases by 35 to 50 percent in thirty years, that means that a very large fraction— between a quarter and a third— of what is produced today, and therefore between a quarter and a third of occupations and jobs, did not exist thirty years ago.

Thomas Piketty

The absolute worst cliche online today

"But here’s why this journalism trend is worse: It combines both those things, and, stirred, together, they make something way worse than either one alone, like Cool Whip and dog poo, or a bunch of cocky North Face-outfitted millionaires and a storm on Everest."

Not sure the second example comes across as intended.

Today’s panel from Brian McFadden’s “The Strip.”  Exceptional.

Today’s panel from Brian McFadden’s “The Strip.” Exceptional.

Management in Networks by @hjarche

"Many managers do not understand the value of cooperation, or sharing freely without direct reciprocity. Cooperation sounds too much like wasting time on Facebook or Twitter."
-Harold Jarche

Boat missed.

This bastardised libertarianism makes 'freedom' an instrument of oppression | George Monbiot | Commentisfree | The Guardian

"In the name of freedom – freedom from regulation – the banks were permitted to wreck the economy. In the name of freedom, taxes for the super-rich are cut. In the name of freedom, companies lobby to drop the minimum wage and raise working hours. In the same cause, US insurers lobby Congress to thwart effective public healthcare; the government rips up our planning laws; big business trashes the biosphere. This is the freedom of the powerful to exploit the weak, the rich to exploit the poor."