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I write it to celebrate your considered and thoughtful stride towards greatness. It’s in acknowledgement that there is another way; one which considers that we are here to live first and work second. I tip my hat to those who have designed a life which brings balance to all things important and lends time to the fact that we are all individuals learning to do what supports us and nourishes us through from birth until death. Design a life that suits what you need. Don’t be guilted into doing what the media or the internet tells you is the ‘right thing’. Run your own race. Do the things you love, with the people you want to spend time with. Take a moment to reflect, to pause and to smell the roses. You’re not lazy like the articles say. You’re just taking it at a different speed.

Yet if we consider what we have gained online in the last 30 years, this abundance smells almost miraculous. We got: Instant connection with our friends and family anywhere, a customizable stream of news whenever we want it, zoomable 3D maps of most cities of the world, an encyclopedia we can query with spoken words, movies we can watch on a flat slab in our pocket, a virtual everything store that will deliver next day — to name only six out of thousands that could be mentioned.

You Are Not Late — The Message — Medium

Breath deeply of techno-optimism’s miraculous smelling abundance (but try not to inhale).

Why try to influence when you can tell folks how to think?

"Make no mistake: The administration’s manufactured outrage isn’t about good policy or fairness. It’s raw politics, as the White House and its Democratic allies in Congress desperately search for any campaign issue, from the minimum wage to student-loan financing, to help them retain control of the Senate in the midterm elections."

Whenever someone uses terms like: make no mistake, clearly, surely, certainly, and the like, the one thing you can be sure of (crap, now I’ve done it) is that they’re trying to tell you what to think, rather than presenting information and ideas and asking you to decide where you stand.

I tend to run screaming from this. Your mileage may vary.

5 Founding Fathers Whose Skepticism About Christianity Would Make Them Unelectable Today

"The Bible, Paine asserted, can in no way be infallible. He called the god of the Old Testament ‘wicked’ and the entire Bible ‘the pretended word of God.’"


LIVE UPDATES: Netanyahu: Gaza operation won't end until tunnels destroyed    

"There is no war more just than this." -Benjamin Netanyahu

Tell us more about this concept of “just war.”

Median Wealth Is Down by 20 % Since 1984 | CEPR

"This is noteworthy because this cannot be explained as largely the result of the collapse of house prices that triggered the Great Recession. This indicates that we have gone thirty years, during which time output per worker has more than doubled, but real wealth has actually fallen for the typical family. It is also important to realize that the drop in wealth reported in the study understates the true drop since a typical household in 1984 would have been able to count on a defined benefit pension. This is not true at present, so the effective drop in wealth is even larger than reported by the study. (Defined benefit pensions are not included in its measure of wealth.)"

We’ve been had.

Why Am I Moving Left? - Thomas E. Ricks

"I also have been dismayed by the transfer of massive amounts of wealth to the richest people in the country, a policy supported over the last 35 years by successive administrations of both parties. Apparently income redistribution downward is dangerously radical, but redistribution upward is just business as usual. The middle class used at least to get lip service from the rich—’backbone of the country’ and such. Now it is often treated like a bunch of saps not aware enough to evade their taxes."
-Thomas Ricks

Here we sit.

The Cato Institute — GOP Foreign Policy and “Isolationism”

"As we at Cato have discussed before, what interventionists like Perry call ‘isolationism’ is really just a foreign policy of restraint."

It’s fun to state opinion as fact.

Paul Ryan's New Antipoverty Agenda Is Inconsistent with His Budget

"But unlike in Ryan’s budget, liberals found areas of agreement in his antipoverty agenda.

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How’s that possible given the Ryan Budget’s massive cuts to anti-poverty programs? Easy: Ryan created an anti-poverty plan that is inconsistent with his budget. In his budget, Ryan cuts food stamps by $137 billion, according to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. In his anti-poverty agenda, he doesn’t cut food stamps at all.”


The current economic model: a destructive social construct? by @joconfino (Yes.)

"We can carry on living this dream, which could lead to devastation on an unimaginable scale, or we can help create a just world within ecological limits by piercing through the limitations of our current beliefs."
-Jo Confino

Hear, hear!